We complement paediatric rare disease portfolios!


orphanix GmbH covers all key aspects of drug identification, evaluation, research and development. It offers medicinal products solving a high unmet medical need in the paediatric orphan drug space, ready-to-implement in the partner's pipeline through licensing and/or co-development.


Our lead product under development- Retinolx addresses two severe diseases of very preterm infant that are without adequate treatment until today.

Retinolx is a parenteral medicinal product (intravenous/ intramuscular) based on Retinol (Vitamin A) specifically developed for preterm infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. 

International neonatology guidelines recommend Retinol for prevention of BPD. Cochrane Meta-analysis shows that parenteral Vitamin A supplementation during the first 4 weeks of life significantly reduces BPD and ROP risk.


Our second medicinal product in the pipeline- Orpha007x is an innovative & safe solution in paediatric cardiac intensive care. More details to follow soon!